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Ramona the Pest

Category: Children's Literature

Translated from : Sophia Petrova

Format: 13x19,5
Pages: 240
Year: 2011
ISBN: 978-954-515-164-4
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It is the greatest day of Ramona’s life. She is in kindergarten and she loves her teacher, Miss Binney. She likes a little boy named Davy so much she wants to kiss him. She’s fascinated by Susan’s beautiful reddish brown curls, which bounce like springs when she runs. Ramona is thrilled about all the new things to see.
So how in the world does Ramona get into trouble? Why is she sitting on a bench when the rest of the class is playing Gray Duck? Why does Davy run as fast as he can when Ramona comes near him? And how does Ramona disrupt the whole class during rest time? Well, anyone who knows Ramona knows that she is never a pest on purpose.
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  • Ramona Raicheva

    Mnogo mi xaresva knigata i nai-veche zashtoto i az se kazvam Ramona

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