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The Truth About the Assassination Attempt Against John Paul II

Category: Documentary Books

Translated from : Radka Mitova

Format: 14x22,5
Pages: 424
Year: 2009
ISBN: 978-954-515-005-0
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On May 13, 1981 on the square of St. Peter in Rome Pope John-Paul II collapsed in front of thousands of people. This was the beginning of the most acute conflict in the Cold War between East and West and the biggest mystery of the century. Who organized the assassination and why? Who directed and facilitated Ali Agdzha? How much were the shooters? How much were the shots? Who created the Bulgarian trace? These questions are dangerous even today. Many of the participants have been killed or died under suspicious circumstances, others prefer to forget this day, and the archives of East and West are still hidden behind seven seals. Searching the answers the French journalist with Bulgarian origin Rumyana Ugarchinska traveled to Rome and Istanbul, Sofia and Washington, Frankfurt and Anatolia, met with former and current agents of the CIA, KGB, DS, of the French and Italian services, magistrates and mafia, clerics and terrorists.
She recorded sensational confessions and obtained explosive documents. Her brave and objective investigation is tense and enthralling as a Grisham thriller, but here the characters are real. This book casts for a first time bright light on a grand conspiracy in which Bulgaria seems to be chosen as a scapegoat of the powerful forces... 
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    Поздравления за авторката и за смелостта й!

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